Kenneth Cole Ecom App

Ipad Ecommerce Shopping Experience


    For: Ebay/GSI/True Action


    User Interface (UI)


    User Experience (UX)



This ecommerce tablet app for Kenneth Cole was a concept that was created for GSI Commerce/True Action/Ebay in an effort to pitch and Kenneth Cole as a new client.

I’m going to jump right and state that this project never made it into production or prototyping as like I said before, it was part of a pitch. That being I really love this project and have actually tried to revisit the idea since I first designed it, in an effort to refine and get deeper into the functionality of the app itself.

Our team was tasked with coming up with new ways to enjoy the shopping experience for Kenneth Cole, with a focus on mobile devices and apps and the potential they afford us. After scribbling down ideas in my freetime between other work, I had an idea that combined a very old concept with the modern mobile devices, paper dolls and creating outfits. I asked myself something along the lines of: “What if we could create and build outfits and swap out articles of clothing while keeping a running total the entire outfit?” I drew up a very quick and dirty wireframe for this app and presented it to my creative director at the time. He loved it and had me drop everything else to work on it.

At True Action we had multiple photo studios and were also pitching our photo studio for products shots for Kenneth Cole’s online store, and my concept would make hefty use of product photography across the entire line each season, so it was a smart pitch for integrating our photo studio as well. In an effort to capitalize on social media, sharing the outfits you created (in the vein of polyvore) would essentially become free digital advertising, even if people didn’t buy the outfit, but shared it after having fun mixing and matching.

This idea is definitely not perfect. I go back to it every so often, and try to rework the user experience and solve new problems I find within the app. Eventually I plan on getting a working prototype together to show off and test as soon as I get some more free time.

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