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Snapfilter Creative is a new design studio that I created in an effort to capitalize on Snapchat opening up it's geofilter campaigns to the general public.

This project was also designed as a personal, motivational challenge to build a business in a day. The idea behind building a business in a day came from having many side projects that keep getting pushed aside and left unfinished in favor of finishing client work. Knowing that I only had a day, I had to keep in mind that perfection was not the key, but to get this launched as quickly as possible. Getting perspective from the client side of the process and being able to experience my own procedures from their side was a positive, as well.

I started the project with naming the business and researching competitors simultaneously. Once I settled on a name, I purchased a domain name (which as it turns out was the only cost of launching this business venture since I already had hosting for a site). The next thing I took care of was writing content, while looking for free HTML website templates. Yes, that seems weird as I am a web designer, with coding skills. However, the goal was not to get stuck on a development sprint cycle. Find a free template was essential to launching a new business venture as a minimum viable product without getting hung up on too many technical details. This also helped keep the hours spent on the project low, and the overall cost very cheap.

Once I had the foundation of the content and a place to put it, I started working on the logo and branding, while taking breaks to start adding the content to the responsive website template. Then I took a couple passes at editing the CSS to rebrand the site to fit the SnapFilter Creative Brand. After settling on a branding direction, I sought out a set of free icons I could easily modify to fit the brand and tie everything together while describing the services I intended to offer.

This was a very successful project in terms of the original goal of launching a business as quickly as possible. In reality, I wasn't able to launch it in it's entirety in a single business day. But the entire project was completed within 24 working/billable hours. However this project failed shortly after launch, when Snapchat unveiled an entire free custom design suite within the Geofilter campaign builder which rendered the entire concept null and void.

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